Partner with ORS

Would you like Off Road Shakespeare to bring a play to a community you serve or are connected to?


Step 1

Email us at or drop us a message on Facebook!

Step 2


We begin a conversation (over coffee or email or the phone) about your community and how Off Road Shakespeare might be a useful and beautiful part of what you and your community are all about.  

What are some of the things Off Road can offer?

A play. (It’s our thing.)
We usually do plays by Shakespeare (but not always) and they run 60-75 minutes long.  All we’ll need is a room that fits some chairs (20+) arranged in a square or circle, and a bathroom or private space for our actors to get into and out of costume.  We won’t need a stage, amplified sound or mics, or special lights.  You got a room? We’ll bring the magic.

Volunteer Hours
We take direction well - put us to work sorting donations, deep cleaning, playing with the kiddos so their grown ups can get some work done or get some rest, gardening, paper work, kitchen duty, office support…
What task needs some extra hands?

We are a multifaceted team comprised of yoga teachers, bankers, drama arts teachers, writers, dancers, clowns, cake bakers, social workers, scholars, and poets.  What is your community into? How can we dig in with you?

We hope our plays feed hearts and souls.  We cherish the opportunity to feed bodies too.
Do you have community meal needs?  Need a fancy dessert offering to go with the show? Let us provide dinner and show!

Step 3

We build out the calendar for your community and Off Road.  This probably means that we schedule a performance of our play for your community and as needs, desires, and interests dictate, begin to build out a calendar for our participation and presence in service to your community.

Step 4

We play our play and we do the work.

Step 5

We debrief with you and your community, assess what was super useful and totally beautiful, and  also what could have been more useful and more beautiful, and then we begin to plan and dream for what might come next.