On Tour

When working to build our work On Tour, Off Road creates live theatre productions built to travel.  We tour to venues that are not typical theatre spaces and perform for artistically underserved audiences; housing shelters, community centers, senior living facilities, and public libraries.  Our plays On Tour are performed inside a square or circle of chairs where our audience sits, all the lights on, with simple and evocative scenic and costume elements, and live music played by the performers.  



by  William  Shakespeare
Spring  2017 | Tour  Partner : Mary’s Place

A whimsical and romping touring production re-built for non-traditional theatre spaces.  Midsummer played up close and with all the lights on complete with live music, giant flower umbrellas, and a magical mass of bubbles!



by  William  Shakespeare
Spring  2018 | Tour  Partners: Compass  Housing Alliance, Mary’s  Place and Seattle  Public Library

A raucous and romantic Romeo & Juliet that danced dangerously up and down ladders, dove though showering clouds of silk rose petals, faced the enemy and dared to fall in love.