midsummer workshop | december 2015 | ravenna park, seattle wa

What do I need my walking shoes for?

The play begins in one location (in Cowen park) and moves as the actors and band lead the audience through the story and play.  While there are parts of the play that you will sit and watch from one location, much of the play is experienced on your feet as you move through beauty of Cowen and Ravenna parks!

Should I bring a picnic?

If you want!  But there are only a few opportunities to sit and eat it once we head into the ravine!  You are welcome to bring a picnic if you are willing to leave it in the safe keeping of our crew while we wander the wood, and come back to it when you re-emerge from the park for the end of the story!

How long of a walk is it?

The whole event will take 2 hours and 10 minutes, but you don't walk that whole time!  We spend about an hour and a half walking and playing, and stopping and watching in the park.  We go .05 miles into the park and come back out, so all together it's a little over a one mile walk.  

What should I wear?

Flip flops, hiking boots, tennis shoes all work for us (the actors go way more off road than our audience!) as long as you are comfortable with the possibility of a little mud!  And bring an extra layer or two, Seattle summers run a little hot and cold, and the temperature does get cooler in the heart of the Ravine!