You can make a difference and make beauty accessible to ALL

Theatre belongs to everybody.  We never want money to be an obstacle preventing people from participating in the power of Shakespeare’s text!  Our BIG dream is that no audience will ever have to pay for our work.

Help Compensate our Artists!
Our actors, creative team, and production team are heroic.  We work with incredibly giving artists who offer up their time and effort and craft and soul for very little monetary compensation..  Our BIG dream is that someday we are able to offer Off Road artists a (true) living wage for their creative endeavors.

Help Secure Locations!
Making plays in a non traditional spaces is thrilling.  It can also be quite difficult.  The costs of securing permits, event insurance, managing space and the like can accumulate quickly!  

Help Create Beautiful Theatrical Events!
We endeavor to inspire your imagination with our work and generate unforgettable visual storytelling with very little.  Even the roughest magic comes at some cost!

Train. Build Relationships. Be theatre that moves.

We make Shakespeare plays for everybody for free and we want to do it for a long time.  Help us keep Off Road on the road toward our BIG Dreams!

We need more equity and abundance and courage in its distribution.


Your generosity is how we do what we do. Gift our performances to all audiences!

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